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I-Wall Space By Fantoni

Product: I-Wall space Family: I-Wall space At GXI Group offers single glazed floor-standing glass partition walls. Anodized extruded aluminum structural section, uncoated. Either 5+5 mm laminated glass with 0.38 mm PVB interlayer film or 5+5 mm laminated glass with 1.52 mm soundproofing PVB interlayer film can be used. In the standard version, clear glass is used. The single glazed floor-standing structure consists of specific anodized aluminum sections that allow you to install the single glass pane either centrally or offset and flush with either external surface. The glass elements are joined together using structural double-faced clear silicone tape or vertical transparent polycarbonate joints to ensure a smooth and flush connection. Stability and soundproofing are ensured by a series of soft extruded PVC seals, located along the outside perimeters, securing the glass panes. Our single glass partitions can be used where clean lines and an aesthetically pleasing design are essential. The partition is designed with the smallest amount amount of framework to give a frameless appearance. To maintain the open feel of the office environment frameless doors or framed glass doors are fitted within the system using floor pivots and patch fittings or floor springs required services. Glass and office partitions have 8 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing imaginative movable partitions walls and sliding folding partitions. For more information about glass office partitions contact us now!
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