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9Factory Direct Turnkey Pcb Assemblyis Worth Having

1.Shenzhen Jie Du State Technology Co., Ltd.(referred to as "Jieduo state technology"),was established in 2013-02-27, is Chinese earlier established electronic PCB assembly the final offer company. Shenzhen Jie Du State Technology Co., Headquartered in Guangdong ProvinceGuangdong Province, it set up a subsidiary in Guangdong Provinceand Guangdong Province,Now there are about employees in the company, of whom are special PCB prototypete 2.Innovation is the cornerstones of Shenzhen Jie Du State Technology Co., Ltd.'s success. In the future, Jieduo state technology also hope to continue to innovate, for the majority of customers to provide PCB Manufacturingx19b6542nservice. Over the years, Jieduo state technology always believe that only adhere to innovation and professional, in order to 3.For further details on 【2】,custom PCBassembly, please visit our website:www.pcbgogo.comor call our hotline: & 【1】 . To learn more information aboutPCB Manufacturing, our professional customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly .Thank you!
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