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Price Promotion Ofcompound Fertilizer Granulator Is Coming

1.Henan Machinery And Equipment Company Limited was founded in 10 years ago, After a period of rapid development, it has developed into a considerable size and effectiveness company of compound fertilizer granulatorx2215e22nandfertilizer pellet machine, NOw it is benchmark companies in 工农业,机械和行业设备,农业机械,农用机械 industry. 2.Innovation is the cornerstones of Henan Machinery And Equipment Company Limiteds success. In the future, HNMS also hope to continue to innovate, for the majority of customers to provide mushroom compost turnerservice. Over the years, HNMS always believe that only adhere to innovation and professional, in order to better meet customer demand for urea fertilizer making machine s brand. details:This new type fertilizer pelletizer machine is newly developed and designed by our company. the fertilizer making machine can granulate all kinds of fermented organic materials like poultry livestock manure chicken manure,cattle manure,straw meals,grass meals,bentonite,organic city waste and so on .before granulating, the raw materials is not necessary to be dried because the manure fertilizer pelletizer require materials moisture content is 20–50%,and can granulate crushed raw materials directly. The finished granules are round ball shape which can also save a lot of energy.The finished granules are strong and the drying energy consumption is saved a lot.?The new type fertilizer peletizer machine does not need no-drying before granulation Under a certain force, organic particles can mutually mosaic and grow up. Take advantage of this characteristic, don't need to add binder during granulation.Organic compost fertilizer pelletizer machine?is designed by the high rotating mechanical blending shaft with the air centrifugal force, let the fine powder quickly mixing and granulating into ball type particles; it can reach small diameter 0.3-3mm round particles, ball shape more than 0.7, ratio is more than 95%; the final granules can be adjusted by the speed of the shaft and the quantity of materials;??the less quantity, the higher speed, the smaller particles; it is special to the light fine powder materials, the more fine powder, the better final ball shape, the higher quality of particles;?Organic compost fertilizer pelletizer machine mainly used to the poultry or animal waste manure, composting manure fertilizer, urban life waste, agricultural waste fermentation, like chicken manure, pig manure, dairy/cow or cattle manure, sheep manure, soddy soil, sludge, wine residue, mushroom dreg, etc.,?New type ball granulator is suitable to the compost fertilizer with high wet moisture, no need drying process before granulating, which save a?lot of energy and cost; 3.Adhering to the "Customer Supreme Forge Ahead" management idea, HNMS insists on providing the best quality and service of mushroom compost turner,fertilizer pellet machine with the "customer first" principle. Wholeheartedly welcome your patronage! Official website address:
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