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If You Love To Get Stuff For Free Then This Is The Site For You!!

FREEBIE’S is a favorite of almost everyone. You don’t get to much given to you this day and time. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules. For instance they ask you to fill out a survey or maybe download something. Once you follow their simple rules you get your free stuff. You have nothing to lose but a little bit of time. So go ahead and give them a try!! FREEBIE'S Absolutely FREE full membership! And absolutely FREE offers! You’ll get +10% CASH BONUS for each offer completed during the first 2 days after registration in our program! Hurry Up! We pay you for referring Advertisers. You will get 10% from ALL Advertisers’ deposits for the duration of the Advertisers’ activity in the program. provide certain current, complete, and accurate information about tll information requested at the time of the original sign-up shall be referred to as Account Information. Furthermore, the Member grants the right to use cookies, to contact members with important information and to disclose to third parties certain member information in the aggregate. will not share, sell, trade, or give away personally identifiable information to third parties without members’ explicit permission. Upon termination of the online session, closing of the browser and/or termination of your membership, this information will no longer be collected. We gather this information to improve the administration of the services and to increase the earning potential of our members. Each person can have only one account We reserve the right to terminate any account at our sole discretion And we will immediately terminate any account which we believe, at our sole discretion, is using any out-of-contract procedures against us. FREEBIE'S SPAM We will also pursue severe legal action against members who are involved in SPAM. These may include contacting respective authorities (employers, universities, local law enforcement, the FBI) as well as asking Internet Service Providers to deny service. SPAM includes, but is not limited to, unsolicited e-mails and/or postings in discussion groups, bulletin boards, and other public domain groups. SPAM messages are generally prohibited by most network providers and certain jurisdictions and those users employing them may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. We do not allow our members to utilize SPAM messages. The company will automatically terminate all spamming accounts. The only acceptable methods of referring someone to our Rewards Online Program are through communication with family and friends and by establishing a link to our web site on a member-owned web site. To report spam, send an e-mail to: FREEBIE'S BONUSES We have a very attractive System We pay +10% Bonus for each offer completed during the first two days after registration in our program. This is our special bonus for all new members! FREEBIE'S QUESTIONS What is UniqPaid all about? UniqPaid is the place where you get paid cash for signing up for free offers. We offer hundreds of the best offers that can only exist in our network. UniqPaid pays you each time you complete offers from our site! How do I earn money? There are many ways for members to earn money through UniqPaid. Members earn cash for completing Free Cash Offers, taking part in Hot Deals, completing a Sign Up for an advertiser’s site, Reading E-mails, Visiting Web sites and by Referring new Members and Advertisers. When will money for visiting Web sites go into my Balance? We now have a new Pay-Per-Visit (PPV) system to count your rewards for visiting the Web sites of our advertisers. For each confirmed visit you receive some points (you’ll be able to see the reward that each paid link offers). How do I get my money? We disburse payments to members on a monthly basis.You will be payed on the twentieth of each month for the previous month’s earnings. We pay through PayPal and by check. QUESTIONS: FREEBIE'S I have completed some offers and now I have various software that your advertiser asked me to set up. If our advertiser asks you to set up some programs then you should do so. We do not have any relation to our advertisers’ Web sites and their offers. I have completed the paid task, but haven’t found the answer to the question in the confirmation e-mail. Please send us the name of the paid task and also forward the confirmation e-mail to us. How can I receive money? Who pays? You will be paid for various actions. We have the descriptions of the actions. We pay you money upon completion of the action and its confirmation by the relevant advertiser. FREEBIE'S How much will I get for the “various actions” and what are these actions? You will receive from $0.05 to $1.50 or more for an action. Each offer and task has its own reward amount. An advertiser may ask you to complete a survey, to subscribe to a mail list, to register on a website, to download a file, etc. Earned money for Paid Tasks (that is earned at the previous month) will go to the Balance at the end of each month before payout. For example, you earned $5.00 at August. This amount will be transfered to the Balance at the end of September.FREEBIE'S May I complete an offer more than one time? If the previous registration wasn’t accepted then yes, if it was accepted – no What does it mean “You can do one click per 15 sec”? Click only one offer per 15 seconds…FREEBIE'S

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