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Polyester Geogrid Price

Product Description Introduction: composite geotextile Geotextiles are permeable nonwoven fabrics used to separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drainage. Geotextiles allow filtration or separation of granular layers in roads and rail applications, used to protect membranes in landfill applications, used in coastal defense applications and used in landscaping to protect surfaces and structures from weeds and root growth. Geotextiles are available as woven and non-woven. As liner protection, against physical damage, the non wovens are normally the answer. They are made up of fibers of polyester or polypropylene in random directions and punched together by needles during the manufacturing process. Geotextiles are commonly used to separate layers like clay and drainage and to protect liner from damage. Features: geogrid Engineered to provide high strength and high elongation at break to ensure excellent resistance to damage during construction Manufactured from high tenacity UV stabilized virgin polypropylene or polyester fibers which have been heavily drawn to ensure excellent long term durability in all soil types. Manufactured using a randomly orientated web to provide completely isotropic properties, ensuring that high strength is not limited to a single direction. Excellent uniformity with high permeability and low pore size for soil filtration. Supplied to a maximum width of 8.0 meters, ensuring minimum waste over large construction areas. 100% polypropylene or polyester staple fibers, needle punched and random network formation. UV and rot resistant and biological degradation resistant.Polyester Geogrid price website:http://www.pesgeogrid.com/geogrid/polyester-geogrid/

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