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NEED CA$H? CONTACT JADE FUNDS! WE BUY NOTES! Have you sold a property with owner financing? Are you tired of wondering if the buyer will make payments? Would you rather have cash now? Our company buys Mortgages, Notes, Trust Deeds, Real Estate Contracts and other streams of payments. Let somebody else worry about collecting payments and enjoy a lump sum of cash today! We are happy to provide a free no obligation quote and a helpful Note Holder’s Checklist. Whether you decide to keep the payments, sell the mortgage or part of the payments, this free noteholder handbook provides important tips on protecting your valuable asset. Contact us today for a free evaluation and your free Note Holder’s Checklist. We promise to treat you fair! Call Joy at Jade Funds today: 623-680-1163 Toll Free at 800-390-0237 Email at info@jadefunds.com
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Contact Email: info@jadefunds.com
Contact Phone: 800-390-0237
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