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Come Here,Uters Has Hydraulic Oil Filter That Meets Your Ne

1.Henan Uters International CO.,LTDis a hydraulic oil filter,compressed air filterin one large multi-functional integrated modern enterprise,and devote the high-quality Lubricating oil filterx1dd0222n and first-class service for the masses of customers. 2.Henan Uters International CO.,LTD is specialized in Industry and agriculture,Manufacturing,Mechanical hardware processing since established in 10 years ago.So far,our company has established its branch companies in major cities throughout the country.Formed in North Third Ring Road,City area,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China as the center, the radiation sales system and service network.Details:hydraulic filtersThe role of hydraulic filters filter hydraulic system in a variety of impurities. The main sources of mechanical impurities remain in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as water rust, casting sand, welding slag, iron filings, paint, paint and cotton yarn scraps, etc. External access to hydraulic system impurities, such as the refueling port and anti Dust and other places into the dust; the work process of impurities, such as the seal by the hydraulic action of the debris formed by the movement of the relative wear and tear of the metal powder, oil due to oxidative deterioration of the gum, asphaltene, cinder and so on.Methods of collecting contaminants in fluids are many and varied. Traps made of filter materials to trap contaminants are called filters. Magnetically adsorbed magnetic contaminants are called magnetic filters. In addition there are static filters, separate filters and so on. In the hydraulic system, where the collection of contaminated particles in the fluid are generally referred to as hydraulic filters. Currently used in the most widely used hydraulic filters in addition to the use of porous materials or wound narrow gap interception of pollutants, as well as magnetic filters and electrostatic filters for hydraulic systems.The impurities mixed with hydraulic oil, along with the role of hydraulic oil circulation, will play a destructive everywhere, seriously affecting the normal operation of the hydraulic system, such as hydraulic components in the relative movement between the components of a small gap (in μm) and Flow holes and cracks stuck or blocked; destruction of the relative motion of the oil film between the components, scratch the gap surface, increasing internal leakage, reduce efficiency, increase heat, aggravate the chemical reaction of the oil, the oil metamorphism. According to the production statistics, more than 75% of the faults in the hydraulic system are caused by the impurities mixed in the hydraulic oil. Therefore, it is very important for the hydraulic system to maintain the oil liquid and prevent the oil pollution.General hydraulic filter mainly by the filter (or filter) and shell (or skeleton) form. Countless tiny gaps or small holes in the filter constitute the flow area of the oil, so when the size of the impurities mixed into the oil is larger than these tiny gaps or small holes, it is blocked from being filtered out of the oil. Since different hydraulic systems have different requirements, it is not possible, and sometimes not necessary, to completely filter the impurities that are mixed in the oil. 3.Adhering to the spirit of enterprise, UTERS bases on long-term development, technology as the core, market-oriented, and constantly open up new areas, undertaking to provide fast, high-quality service for the vast numbers of users. For further information about UTERSmetal filter, please visit our official website:
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