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1.Chinese enterprises are exporting more and more high-end equipment and commodities rather than merely simple processed products, which in return spur the overall competence of its trade,with the development of global economic,and meeting global customerss requirements, Mardo MOTORBLINDS has set the goal of providing opportunities for producing high-quality products. Mardo MOTORBLINDS must try their best effort for providing the better service and products,now we have many successful case,such as:,you can refer these cases.x2fcf112n 2.The uncertain global economic environment has complicated life for manufacturers everywhere. Mardo MOTORBLINDS as a manufacturing auto blinds has been astonishing. Since the establishment of Mardo MOTORBLINDS,he not only overtook the Oceania since establishment ofMardo MOTORBLINDS andto become the worlds largest producer of manufactured goods but also used its huge manufacturing auto blinds to boost living standards by doubling the countrys GDP per capital over the last decade, so corporate reputation is well received praise both inside and outside. The datail about auto blinds atwww.motorblinds.com.au/about/product/. 3.At the end of the occasion, on the 2."electric shades" by using DC motor to drive the vane lift instead of the traditional drive mode of blinds pulling, has a breakthrough innovation, making it more convenient and arbitrary in the operation process. The curtain made from aluminum, wood or PVC has the function of automatic flipping, which can adjust the natural lighting degree of the room more accurately, adjust the light intake according to the needs of the indoor users, and realize the best visual comfort. electric shades can effectively block ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight, and prevent the "Greenhouse Effect", which is beneficial to the thermal insulation effect of the whole building and energy saving. Adopt import 220V AC tubular motor; small noise motor, knob stroke debugging, accurate and reliable stroke control; according to the weight of the curtain, the size of the area of the choice of motor model; coiling device through a unique design, A single motor can be used to flip up and down the blinds; the width of the blinds is generally 25mm or 50mm, and the materials are aluminum alloy blades, bamboo, wood chips, etc. A single motor can drive several hundred-leaf curtains. as a synopsis. As a professional auto blinds manufacturer, winning quality is a magic weapon for success. For more service details, please call our phone: 0571-87295965, Mardo MOTORBLINDS will sincerely for your service.
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