Danfoss Motor - The Development Of The Three-Cylinder Motor

Nowadays, China's environmental protection system is becoming more and more strict, and the earth's oil resources are becoming less and less. The large-displacement motor is gradually withdrawing from the historical stage of China, and the automobile motor will face a new round of technological innovation. Along with a series of comprehensive factors, the three-cylinder motor will face a new round of controversy and discussion.   Today, the Danfoss Motor is said, why the three-cylinder motor has not been seen for a long time, along with the general trend of environmental protection, whether the three-cylinder motor can lead the trend of the times!   (1) Why is the three-cylinder motor not to be seen:   Over the years, consumers' rejection of the three-cylinder motor is mainly due to the three-cylinder motor's jitter, high noise, fast wear and short life. The first thing that consumers think of is the three-cylinder motor. The problems mentioned above do exist. These problems are inherently flawed because the three-cylinder motor is indeed one less cylinder than the four-cylinder motor. Just the absence of this cylinder has led to these problems, so this is the main reason why consumers do not want to see the three-cylinder motor. Over the years, many manufacturers have been working hard to solve this problem. Although jitter and noise have been greatly suppressed, many consumers still cannot accept the three-cylinder motor.   (2) How about the situation of the three-cylinder motor:   Along with the increasingly stringent Dongfeng of China's environmental protection system, the automakers, whether domestic brands or foreign brands, are pushing the three-cylinder motor. According to relevant statistics, in the European market in 2017, a total of 3 million three-cylinder models were sold. In the domestic market, the sales volume of Sangang models sold more than 800,000 units in 3 months in 2018. Although this figure is still far behind the other models, the three-cylinder model is generally on the rise and will continue to grow. Therefore, the overall development of the three-cylinder motor has improved.   (3) For a long time, many car companies have been persevering in the three-cylinder motor:   First, because the three-cylinder motor emits less exhaust gas, it is easier to meet stringent environmental requirements. Second, because the three-steel motor is more fuel efficient, it can effectively consume less oil resources. Third, although the three cylinders motor fuel consumption is reduced, exhaust emissions are reduced, but with the development of turbine technology, the power of the three-cylinder motor can still be used by vehicles; fourth, the three-cylinder motor, small size, light weight, more convenient for future car motors layout. In view of the above four reasons, this is why many car companies do not give up the three-cylinder motor.   (4) Whether the three-cylinder motor is the trend:   The three-cylinder motor was designed to meet the growing energy crisis. The original intention of the three-cylinder motor was to save fuel. Maybe everyone will say that there are not new energy vehicles, but at present, new energy vehicles are not able to meet people's daily car demand. Many key technologies of new energy vehicles have not yet broken, and the supporting facilities are still very imperfect. So the new energy car, which seems to be a perfect solution, actually has a very long way to go. In contrast, the three-cylinder motor has been developed for a long time, and the defects of the three-cylinder machine are gradually being solved. With the comprehensive environment and the development of the three-cylinder machine itself, the three-cylinder motor is gradually becoming a trend.   The three-cylinder motor is currently a good solution to meet the power needs of the car and to minimize energy consumption and environmental pollution. According to current trends, the three-cylinder motor is very promising.    https://www.xjetl.com
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