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Make $$$$$$$$ While You Sleep

Looking for articulate, driven, professional people with integrity. Must be able to teach and present well. Must be coachable and have leadership skills. Work well with others. THIS IS NOT MLM or Network Marketing!!! What is Cowboy Wealth? In short, Cowboy Wealth is an International Team of Independent Online Marketers. We have partnered with a large, international E-commerce company that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Through ground breaking technology, we show people how to save significant money on virtually everything they buy. We also teach and train people about Physical and Financial Wellness. Lean how you can eliminate debt; reduce your tax liability; increase monthly cash flow; and increase long-term income. We are looking for people who love the freedom and independence of working from home and earning money on a global basis, thanks to the E-commerce Industry. No, we are not an MLM or Network Marketing company. What you don't do: You DON'T distribute products You DON'T sell products to your neighbors and friends You DON'T carry inventory You DON'T take orders or make deliveries You DON'T invoice or collect debts You DON'T manipulate or pressure customers to make purchases. What we do: We train you to become an expert in online and offline marketing and attract new customers from all over the world. We set up online accounts with consumers worldwide. We receive on-going residual income each time those consumers make an online purchase or use any of our services to save money. Let us show you this exciting and proven system that can change your life. How to Apply? Visit our website at Or call and listen to a 2 minute recording for more information toll free at 1-888-572-3380. PLEASE ONLY RESPOND BY CALLING THE TELEPHONE NUMBER OR VISITING OUR WEBSITE!
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