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Energy Wave Healer

Richard is an ordained minister, author, and a Healer. He has appeared on the Coast to Coast radio show regarding his book. He was a speaker and did a healing workshop at the Star Family Reunion Conference held in Farmington, NV in 2010. Richard has been involved with different modalities of healing from crystals to Reiki for the past 35 years. For the last 6 years Richard has healed 300 plus people at a distance for free. This all changed on Sept. 22, 2017 after he experienced a near death experience while attending a Transformational shift conference held in Sedona. Richard was told shortly after the near death experience that his diet would have to change to an organic, gluten free, no red meat. This included a detox program that lasted 2 months and once again his diet changed to a near Vegan diet. The energy that he is receiving from The Central Sun is so strong at times that only 10 mins of healing along with only half of the intensity is enough for most people to handle. The term wave energy healing came about after the solar eclipse that happened on Jan 31st of this year. After that event the wave energy coming from the Central Sun remained constant even though the intensity of those waves varied. Due to the nature of those waves being not totally uniformed all the time, an Archangel was given the responsibility to regulate the incoming waves so that the potential healers could be able to send out evenly formed waves of energy to their clients. The Archangel didn't regulate all the waves coming from the Central Sun but only the energy waves being used for healing. This type of healing could not be used for any type of hands on healing because in doing so the energy wave wold be distorted from its original form thereby changing the intensity of the energy by 50% or more. The person doing the wave energy healing would have to be 3 to 5 ft minimum away from the client in order be an effective healer. This type of healing is excellent for people healing at a distance.
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